• About Us

    The American Georgian Travel Group (AGTG) is the only U.S. and Georgia based tour company offering tours exclusively to the country of Georgia for Americans interested in exploring an emerging Eastern European country. Because the American Georgian Travel Group is the First tour company established in the United States and Tbilisi, Georgia, we understand the American traveler and business executives who insist on quality service while enjoying a unique cultural experience unlike any other European city. The American Georgian Travel Group with its network of knowledgeable bi-lingual tour guides and good quality off road vehicles will introduce the guest to sites and experiences not typically offered by other companies. Each tour group is limited to a maximum of 12 guests to ensure that personal attention is given to every request and fulfilled to the best of the company's ability. The American Georgian Travel Group embraces the Georgian belief that "Guests are Gifts from God." New friends await you in Georgia and join us for an experience unlike any others.

  • History

    In March, 2009 Loretta Herrington, a Principal of the American Georgian Travel Group, met her first Georgian, Zura Salukvadze from Tbilisi, Georgia. Loretta and Zura developed a close friendship and shared stories of their respective countries. Zura taught Loretta his language and she helped him to better understand American culture.Rick, Loretta's husband, and Zura traveled to Georgia in 2010. Loretta and Rick were taken by the breathtaking beauty of Georgia and the hospitality of its people. While touring Georgia, they met Zura's friends, Avto, Badri and Gio. Together, the group of six toured Georgia for 13 days, from the Greater Caucasus Mountains, to the Black Sea, and through the world's oldest wine making vineyards in eastern Georgia.Loretta's book "Piece of Soul through the Heart", tells the story of how she fell in love with the country of Georgia and its people. Their collective love of travel and the breathtaking beauty of Georgia caused them to develop a common goal - to promote tourism and bring Americans to Georgia.In December 2010, the AGTG company was established in Virginia, USA and Georgia, with the assistance of knowledgeable and well established travel consultants in the United States. The American Georgian Travel Group Team - Rick, Loretta, Zura, Avto, Badri, and Gio invite you to share this fantastic country and its wonderful culture with them.

  • Company Culture

    AGTG embraces the Georgian belief that “Guests are Gifts from God.” AGTG values and respects the place the “tamada” has within the Georgian culture. A tamada is a toastmaster in Georgian culture – and presides over a festive dinner or supra. The tamada is usually a friend of the family and is well known for storytelling and ability to keep every guest in a festive mood. AGTG’s corporate culture and services echoes these two revered characteristics of the Georgian culture – AGTG tourists are respected as a member of the family and we strive to keep every guest in a festive mood.

  • Our Mission

    Through respect, dedication, and team work, American Georgian Travel Group (AGTG)  will ensure a travel experience that guarantees satisfaction and lasting memories. AGTG will deliver to our American tourists first class Georgian hospitality.

  • Our Vision

    America Georgian Travel Group's vision is to become the gold standard for American tourists in Georgia

  • Team

    Rick Herrington - President
    Rick Herrington, President of American Georgian Travel Group, has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East as a career military officer and with a Fortune 100 company. Rick's experience as a business consultant and commercial airline pilot brings to AGTG a commitment to ensuring AGTG meets and exceeds customer expectations. Rick has a B. A. in Government from Chapman University, Orange, CA.

    Loretta Herrington -Vice President
    Loretta has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe and lived in Japan for two years. Professionally, she has over 15 years experience developing private-public relationships at the local, federal and international level working in government and the private sector. She's held a number of executive level positions building high performance organizations both in government and industry. Loretta has a B. A. Business Administration, California State University, Fullerton, CA

    Zura Salukvadze -Director of Sales And Marketing, USA
    Zura studied traditional Georgian Folk Dance for 15 years that included Georgian cultural studies and has a thorough knowledge of the history and music of Georgia. Zura has lived in the United States for five years and speaks to diverse groups about the beauty and history of Georgia. Zura has a B.S. Hydro Engineering Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

    George Chargeishvili - Director, Operations Georgia
    Gio developed the first of its kind recreational facility in Tbilisi known as Gradus. Gradus is a summer lake-side recreational facility located on the “Tbilisi Sea” that includes jet skiing, swimming and a full service restaurant. Gio has a B.A. International Law, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

    Avtandil Chinchaladze - Co Founder
    Avto has over eight years experience in the budget and financial profession. He is currently a Lead Associate with a US based management consulting firm. Avto oversees financial activities for 8 regional offices in Eastern Europe; prepares profit and loss accounts, works with Project Managers to assist in controlling contract costs, and is responsible for business development for 5 FSU (former Soviet Union) offices and 2 outside FSU operating centers. He is a certified auditor and is currently becoming a certified Chief Financial Analyst. Avto has a B.A. International Business and Foreign Trade; B.A. Law, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

    Badri Jgenti - Co Founder
    Badri is a former Tbilisi Police Officer and served in Georgian Army (reserve officer) as a Senior Lieutenant in aviation ordnance. Badri is currently employed as a manager with a private sector company that manages the City of Tbilisi parking system. Badri is AGTG's liaison with the government of Georgia and with the local government in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Badri has a B. A. International Law, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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