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Georgian folk dance


The Georgians belong to the race of those ancient peoples who, in spite of the hardest historical cataclysms, not only created original culture but carried it through the centuries and preserved its vitality and vigor.Georgian folk dance performs Georgian soul and history, gathering from each part of Georgia.These breathtaking and absolutely awesome dances represent a live history book expressing centuries of Georgian art, culture and tradition. Georgian Folk dances are famous around the world. Their magnificence and beauty cannot be forgotten by anyone who sees the dances. Many times Georgian dance groups, whether professional or amateur, have mesmerized the world with the beauty of their dances. The beautiful costumes blend history and art in one single harmony. This, coupled with at times seemingly rough and technical movements, leaves the audience in total awe. Georgian Folk dances give immense pleasure to not only the audience, but to the dancers also.Every dance is unique and performs actions such as wedding, war, competition, celebration, mountain and city life.
Georgian dance is the best representative of the Georgian spirit. It unites love, courage, and respect for women, toughness, competition, skill, beauty, and colorfulness into one amazing performance. The dances shows attitude between man and woman even in love, men uphold their respect and manners by not touching the woman and maintaining a certain distance from her. The man focuses his eyes on his partner as if she were the only woman in the whole world. The display of respect for women reflects Georgian culture at its highest level. Traditionally, when a woman throws her head veil between two men, all disagreements and fighting halts. Historically, Georgians tend to strive for excellence. Many Georgian dances are based on the idea of competition. During dance, they will engage in energetic battle with sword and shield, impersonating battle with an enemy.Since Georgia has seen many wars throughout its history, Khorumi (war dance) is a call from the past and reminds us that in order to have peace, we must have war.The most well known Georgian Dances are:

Kartuli (ქართული); romantic dance, the most difficult…
Khorumi (ხორუმი); war dance
Acharuli (აჭარული); flirtatious and light hearted dance
Partsa (ფარცა); festive dance
Mtiuluri (მთიულური); mountain dance
Khevsuruli (ხევსურული); love and courage dance
Kintouri (კინტოური); merchant dance
Parikaoba(ფარიკაობა); warrior dance

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